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315 Island Road
Spruce Head Island, Maine
(207) 593-1382


The Wharf

Located directly across from McLoons Lobster Shack, McLoons Wharf is our parent company's wholesale lobster buying station. Our wharf manager buys lobsters from Spruce Head Island lobstermen, who bring their daily catch directly to our wharf. The lobsters are held in crates until they are brought down to our wholesale plant in Portland. There, we store the lobsters in tanks, where they are either sold or cooked and processed to make lobster meat. We sell our lobster, along with many other seafood and fish products, all over the country.

The second half of our company is located in Highlands, New Jersey. We deliver seafood products five times a week, which they sell wholesale to many area restaurants and retail through their popular seafood market, Lusty Lobster (visit www.bestlobster.com). We also supply several large restaurant groups and other wholesalers outside of Maine and New Jersey, including New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Florida.

Our steamed lobster dinners and lobster rolls are all made with lobsters from our wharf, assuring that you are getting a fresh product, directly from the source. The lobster shack even has its own live lobster crate, right in the bay across from the picnic tables. For every lobster dinner order, we hoist up the crate using a pulley system, and you can hand select your own lobster!


315 Island Road
South Thomaston ME 04858

From Rockland
  • At the corner of rte. 1 and US 73 in downtown Rockland, take Rte. 73 S for 3.9 miles
  • Turn right on Spruce Head road rte. 73 and continue for 3.3 miles
  • Turn left on Island road and follow for 1.3 miles
  • Bear right continuing on Island road for .4 miles.
From US1 N in Thomaston
  • Heading N on rte. 1, turn right on rte. 131 and follow for 5.3 miles
  • Turn left on rte. 73 (Seal Harbor road) and continue for 3.4 miles
  • Turn right on Island road and go 1.3 miles
  • Bear right continuing on Island road for .4 miles.

Press & Mentions

Best of New England Seafood Award

It's a little extra work to find McLoons', hidden on a causeway-connected Spruce Head Island, but it's worth it for the ultra-fresh lobster paired with breathtaking views over a working wharf and spruce-fringed islands. Don't like lobster? Enjoy crab cakes, burgers, hot dogs, and the homemade desserts. Yankee Magazine

Dreamy, spruce-fringed island views are alone worth the trip to this off-the-beaten-pat shack, but McLoon’s also dishes out might fine lobster, lobster rolls, lobster stew, and house-made desserts. Maine Travel Maven

…do not miss the family-run and picturesque McLoons Lobster Shack. It’s delicious and situated in a spot that is about as pretty as one could imagine, looking out over the sea and nearby islands. Style.com

If you’re looking for the perfect lobster dinner, it has to be located in the perfect location, and McLoon’s Lobster Shack in South Thomaston is it! Examiner.com

Perched in an idyllic spot overlooking a protected harbor, McLoons lobster rolls are second to none. Yahoo.com

I’d seen so many mayonnaise laden recipes over the years I wasn’t sure whether the lobster could actually be tasted. If I’m eating lobster, that is what I expect to taste. We agreed they were pretty perfect, and the steamers, cooked directly over coals, sublime. sass + veracity

And the next day I took a pretty drive to the nearby town of Thomaston and enjoyed the freshest lobster imaginable at McLoon’s. McLoon’s is a long established lobster name in Maine, but it is only recently that it opened up its charming shack across from its boat dock where during the week you can watch the traps getting unloaded while munching on your perfect lobster meal that you are free to select yourself right out of the trap in the bay. Beauty News NYC

It was the perfect balance of fresh lobster to tangy mayo and the bun was perfectly toasted. Since coming home to Australia I have had dreams about the lobster roll in the photo above. Delicious, filthy dreams that would make you blush.I’ll be seeing you again someday, McLoons. You and your beautiful sunset. scarlet words